Stefania Bigi, MD

Certified FertilityCare Practitioner

Hi, my name is Stefania and I will be glad to guide you through the journey of learning the Creighton Model System!

I have come to appreciate and dedicate myself to teaching this method after using it for my personal medical situation. My husband and I have been struggling with infertility during our first 6 years of marriage and we were healed through charting and treatment thanks to the use of this system and Naprotechnology.

I am very enthusiastic about it, as I have seen the benefits and effectiveness in our own family and personal life.

I could also verify, thanks to my medical background, how reliable from a scientific point of view this System is.

It works through objective observations, accurate charting, giving each woman the true picture of what is happening to her body...often we forget that our body speaks to us through very simple signs, that we just have to learn to recognize in order to give a name to our problem and be able to treat it!

I also deeply appreciate the spiritual and human support that is given to couples through the System: through very simple tools they are helped to better communicate and share intentions and feelings in the area of sexuality and intimacy.

The solid foundation of the System from a scientific point of view, together with our personal "success story" (we were blessed with two beautiful daughters!) made me passionate about teaching and working hard to spread the good news: there is a way to solve problems in women's health that are successful and morally acceptable!

During my teaching experience, I finally learnt how helpful this System can be also to couples of normal fertility: they become totally aware of the time of their fertility and are able to openly and freely share their intentions about enlarging their family or spacing children without the use of artificial contraception. They learn to trust each other, make decisions as a team, build intimacy in all fields of their relationship receiveing support and guidance.


The Visitation of the Virgin Mary inspired me as I see in this episode of Salvation, an encounter between two women with different history, but carrying the same most incredible gift from God: a baby in their womb.

It recalls in my mind and in my heart both the joy of a young couple in the process of enlarging their family, and the struggle of a couple who had not been blessed with children in their marriage until very late in time.

It also helps me visualize the faith in God’s plans, either while struggling during infertility, or while contemplating His greatness and generosity when blessed with an unexpected pregnancy.

In the end, it talks about how great a gift a new life is, however and whenever it happens.

I love the idea of two women sharing this Grace they have just received, and being filled with joy by it.


I put all this in relation to a CrM FertilityCare Center because this is the place where I wish that women in any stage of life, either married or living in virginity, as well as couples, may find understanding of their specific situation, may find physical and spiritual healing, may rejoice about the gift of life and feel supported and helped when in need.

I wish to carry in my Center the heart of Mary, that runs to see Elizabeth after the Annunciation, wants to share her special situation with her, wants to help her and is given the great gift of transforming into words the Word she is carrying in her womb.