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What every woman should know about her fertility

Learning the Creighton Model System allows women and couples to understand their fertility and get the best out of it! 

Have you ever felt left alone in dealing with infertility, like your problem is not properly addressed, that your struggle is not taken into consideration by professionals? Have you ever felt that you deserve answers to your problems but no one is helping you?

...On the other hand, have you ever felt that -despite you see your fertility as a gift- it can be overwhelming to deal with, and that it may be truly challenging to have a healthy relationship with your husband when you are wanting to space children without artificial contraception? 

We can help!

Learning about fertility through the Creighton Model System allows women to discover that their body is talking to them through very specific biological markers that are easy to learn and to interpret.

Couples are guided in a journey that leads them to appreciate their fertility and discover how to use it as a mean for a deeper bonding rather than a problem to face. 

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